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Exiting Clients from a Project
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Clients will need to be exited from a Project for multiple reasons such as they have completed to program, have stopped engaging in the program and so on. For this reason reason this feature is very commonly used and should be understood. Please follow the steps below to learn how to properly exit clients. 


This video contains most but not all of the same information in this article. 


Exiting a Client

Step 1: Go to the client you want to exit's profile, go to the Programs tab, and select the Edit icon that appears on the left. Once you are in program screen, click the Exit button to the right. 





Exiting a Household

When exiting a household, the option to exit several household members will appear. Simply toggle the switch next to the member(s) you wish to exit, and their exit screens will appear in sequential order for each household member. You will need to complete the exit screen for each member of the household.



Open Services

If the client is scheduled for services that will occur after the program exit date, then these services will appear at the bottom of the Exit Program screen where you can conveniently close them by changing the service end date to match the client's Exit date. 




Complete the program exit questions and updates on this screen and, if appropriate, close any open services, then select Save and Close.


(Note: When Ending a program, if a client has any services that are still considered "active" (i.e., their end date goes past the current date) the user has the option to also conveniently adjust those services in batch so they can be addressed all at once when exiting the client from the program.)

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