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Determining a Newborn's Project Entry Date
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Project Entry is used when determining one of the System Performance Measures as well as for Project Performance Reports. Due to this measure being important to various reports, it is important to know at what point a newborn is considered as having entered a project. Please review the rest of this article to learn when a newborn would be considered enrolled in a project. 


Project Entry: Newborns

If a client in your project gives birth to a baby while enrolled in your project, their newborn baby’s Project Entry Date should be the date that the infant starts living in your project. Generally this is at least one day after the baby is born, since most new parents are in the hospital for at least one night.


Example: A baby was birthed August 16th, 2019, so their Project Entry Date is August 17th, 2019 because the parents were released by the hospital the next day and back in the project. 

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