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Data Entry for RHY and HOPWA funded projects
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Due to the privacy requirements of RHY and HOPWA funding, clients who receive services funded by RHY and HOPWA grants do not share their personal information in HMIS with the entire CoC. Instead, their personal information is only visible to the agency that is providing them with services.


Because of this, we have set-up RHY and HOPWA agencies so no data will be shared with any outside agencies. However, you will still be able to view shared data in HMIS, like a client’s previous enrollments at any other agencies.


When you are enrolling a client into a project, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for the client as normal and as described in the HMIS Part 2 Training.
  2. If a record exists for the client you are trying to enroll, you can view their previous enrollments at other projects and demographic data.
  3. Create a Client Record for the client as described in the HMIS Part 2 Training (even if the client was already entered by another agency).
  4. Enroll the client as normal.


NOTE: If you create a client record in Clarity and serve that same client again, you do not need to create another client record for them. Simply use the client record that was created at your agency and add the new enrollment to that record. To verify if the client was entered by your agency, you can go to the client’s Profile page and click on the icon under Assigned Staff to see which agency the client was created by.


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