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When clients are exited from a project, their Destination (where they plan to stay immediately upon exiting the project) must be recorded upon their exit. Please review pages 76 -80 of  the HMIS Data Standards Manual.

Data Collection Instructions

Select the response category that best describes where the client will be living after the date on which they exit the project. For non-lodging projects this may be the same as the place where the client was living during project participation.


Destination information should be collected from all clients upon their exit from your project. Most Destination options are self-explanatory, however please see the following special notes:


  • For clients who will be staying with family or friends select the response that includes the expected tenure of the destination (permanent or temporary).
  • For “Rental by client” and “Owned by client,” select the response that includes the type of housing subsidy, if any, the client will be receiving. A housing subsidy may be tenant-, project-, or sponsor-based and provides ongoing assistance to reduce rent burden. This includes housing subsidies provided through HUD-funded subsidies (e.g., public housing, Housing Choice Voucher or “Section 8”) or other housing subsidy (e.g., state rental assistance voucher).
  • If a client exits without providing destination information to project staff, the No exit interview completed response value should be used; in such instances, destination information will be considered missing.
  • 211OC has yet to identify any situation in which “Other” is an appropriate response to Destination. Please contact your Agency Administrator (who will then, if necessary, contact the HMIS Help Desk) before selecting “Other” for Destination. If you do select “Other” for Destination, you must provide an explanation in the “Other Destination” field.

Please refer to Appendix A: Living Situation Response Categories and Descriptions for the completed options of Destination options currently available in HMIS.

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