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Printing All of a Client's Case Notes
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Agencies may want to keep physical records of Client's Case Notes, follow the instructions below to learn how to print the case notes.



Step 1: Search for the client record by typing in their name in the search bar and selecting the Edit icon once their record



Step 2: Click on the Printer icon


Step 3: Click Run next to the [CLNT-101] Case Notes report



Step 4: You will need to select the parameters, then select Submit:


  • Program(s): If the client is in multiple programs in your agency then you will need to select which programs you wish to see the report for, or select All
  • Report Date Range: The dates the report will be run for
  • Report Output Format: How you wish to get the report pulled


(Note: Review the Running HMIS "Canned" Reports Knowledge Base article to get more information on running reports) 



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