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Running HMIS Canned Reports
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This article will go over how to run Canned reports in HMIS. These are reports that have already been created by BitFocus, and are available for all users to run. Click here to review 211OC's recorded Clarity Reports Training Webinar.


Within This Article

Accessing the Reports Page

Expanding Report Sections

Report Descriptions

Running the Report

Opening the Report

Scheduling a Report

Report Queue

Report Page Sidebar

Report Status Badge

Favoriting a Report


Accessing the Reports Page

Follow these steps to learn how to access the Report area. 


To run or schedule a report, go to the Launcher icon, and select the Reports icon. 



This will take you to the Report main screen, which is divided into several sections according to the report type.



Expanding Report Sections

The report section expands to make the reports within that sector available. Selecting the down facing arrow will make that section expand, and also make the screen minimize to its normal hidden state. 



Report Descriptions

For more information on a particular report, select the More Info link. The screen will expand to include a summary of the purpose of that report, you can also select Less Info to make the screen minimized. 



Running the Report

Clicking the Run link next to the report name will take you to the Preview tab.



Here you can select the parameters for each report. Since each report is different, some of the parameter options may vary depending on the report. 



The parameters should reflect the following information: 

  • Most reports require a start date and an end date:
    • Start Date - The first date you would like to generate data. 

    • End Date - The date you would like to stop generating data.

  • Select a report format:
    • Web Page - A Web Page is a functional format that gives you the ability to click on the errors found in the report and takes you to the client record that contains the error. 

    • PDF - The PDF is a good option for official reports, grants, etc. 

    • Excel File - If you download the excel file you can use excel to manipulate and organize the data (e.g. Sort/Check for duplicates, etc.)


After choosing your parameters, select the Submit button to run the report. 


Opening the Report

A popup box will appear that lets you know that your report is being processed. 



Once the report is processed, a second popup box will appear below the first one that will inform you when your report is ready. Select Open to view the report.



Scheduling a Report

Reports can be run immediately, or they can be scheduled to be run at specified times. To schedule a report, select the Schedule link. 



This will take you to the Preview page where you can again select the parameters for your report, use the same directions as above for selecting the parameters. You will now also be asked an additional field, the date in which you would like this report to be ready by. Make your selections and the click Submit to add this report to your Report Queue. 



Report Queue

When you have scheduled a report, or if you are waiting for an immediate report, you can see the status of the report by selecting the Report Queue icon in the upper right. 



Selecting this icon will allow you to know when your reports are ready to be viewed or where they are in the process.


Report Page Sidebar

The report page sidebar contains two sections:

  • Processed Reports - Reports that you have run in the past 24 hours
  • Scheduled Reports - Reports that you have scheduled.



Report Status Badges

You may occasionally see colored badges displayed next to report names. These badges are indicators of the stages of a new report. Please consider the report status when reviewing the data populating from those reports. 

  •  - Indicates the report is in BETA status

  •  - Indicates that while the report is in production, it is still under development 

  •  - Indicates that the report is currently being tested by the BitFocus Quality Assurance team

  •  - Indicates that the report is invalid and should no longer be intended to be used for official purposes 


Favoriting Canned Reports

You can mark a report as a favorite by clicking the star icon.



These reports display in the Favorite Reports section of the Report Library.




Favorite Reports and Additional Agency Access

If you have Additional Agency Access, a Favorite Reports field displays in Account Settings




This field allows you to choose whether the Report Library’s Favorite Reports section displays your favorite report across all agencies or specific to the agency you’re switched into when you marked the report as a favorite. If you no longer have Additional Agency Access, the system automatically sets the Favorite Reports field to “Across All Agencies” and hides it from Account Settings.


Parameters for Favorite Reports


The system stores the previous parameters you ran the report with and prepopulates them the next time you run it.

The parameters for a report marked as a favorite are specific to the agency you’re switched into and pre-populate based on the selections made the last time you ran the report while switched into the agency. 


The system clears saved reports parameters in the following situations:

  • After you haven’t run the report for 120 days
  • When you change the response to the Account Settings Favorite Reports field 
  • When a system administrator makes the report no longer accessible to you


Removing Reports from Favorites


If you select “Across All Agencies” for the Favorite Reports field in Account Settings and remove a report from your favorites, the system removes the report across all agencies. If you select “Specific to Each Agency,” the system only removes the report from your favorites when you’re switched into the agency where you removed it.

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