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Saving a Web Page Report
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You can save a report you have ran in Clarity, as a Web Page, to your computer for later reference. Follow the steps below to save a Web Page report.


Saving a Web Page Report

Run your Web Page report and right click somewhere inside the report. Click Save As. 



Make sure the file type says webpage, complete which should automatically be selected. Name the file whatever you like and save it wherever you like on your computer.



To open your saved web page report, right click on the file's icon and select Open With, then Google Chrome or Firefox, whichever browser you use to access HMIS.



The file will open in your internet browser and the file's location will be populated in the address bar. The links in the report are all clickable, this means if you are not already logged in to Clarity, when you click on a link you will be taken to the login screen and automatically redirected to wherever the report's link points to. If you are already logged in you will be taken to the report's link just as if you had clicked on the link in a web report that had just been run.


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