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Running and Saving an OC Clarity System Report
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Reports deemed of use to all agencies in Orange County are made available under the Orange County Clarity System Reports section of the Reports page. Follow the instructions below to learn how to find, run, save and edit reports. 


Finding an OC Clarity System Report

These instructions cover how to locate an OC Clarity System Report in Clarity:


Step 1: Click on the Launch pad icon.


Step 2: Click on the Reports icon that will take you to the Reports Main page.


Step 3: Click the Data Analysis tab.


Step 4: Click on the caret next  to Orange County Clarity System Reports to expand the section.


You will see a list of reports grouped under headings. 



Running a Report

Once you have located the report you want to run, select the caret next to the report name. You will then be given a Run icon, selecting this icon will open the report and return results for your agency automatically. 



Editing Parameters before Running a Report

Reports will need certain parameters edited in order to to be accurately run. 


Step 1: To edit parameters, click on the Filters section of the report, this will make the section expand and make the fields editable. 


Step 2: Click the value section and change the values by typing in or selecting a new value. As you type, the reporting software should suggest options that match what you enter. 


Step 3: Click Run for the report to run with the new parameters. 




Saving a Report

Clarity has the ability to create and save reports, follow these steps to learn how to save a report within your Report Library. 


Step 1: Click on the Gear icon. 


Step 2: Select Download, and this will open the Download dialog box.



Step 3: Select the File Format.

(Note: Excel is recommended for filtering for specific values, such as blanks or Data Not Collected.)


Step 4: Click Download



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