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HMIS User Meetings FAQ
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211OC hosts HMIS User Meetings monthly and quarterly. The monthly meetings take place via webinar, and the quarterly meetings take place in person. Links to the monthly webinar meetings are sent out over email to all active HMIS users and Agency Administrators, and the quarterly meetings are announced over email and on the HMIS website and calendar.


The HMIS User Meetings give HMIS Staff a chance to announce new features of HMIS, changes to HMIS, changes to HUD Data Standards, and more. The meetings also allow users to bring up questions or concerns.


HMIS User Meeting FAQ:

 Is the HMIS User Meeting required?


There is no requirement to attend the HMIS User Meeting, however, we consider it best practice for each HMIS Participating Agency to send at least one representative to each HMIS User Meeting. HMIS User Meeting attendance is reported to ESG and has been used as part of the NOFA ranking in the past.


Where is the HMIS User Meeting?


The in person HMIS User Meetings will always be held at The Village, 1505 E. 17th St Santa Ana, CA, 92706. Generally we meet upstairs in the CASA Training Room but if that room is unavailable we will meet in another room at The Village. Please see the HMIS Calendar for details of each HMIS User Meeting.


What time is the HMIS User Meeting?


Generally we schedule the quarterly HMIS User Meeting from 9:30 am - 10:30 am, however this can change. Please see the HMIS Calendar for details of each HMIS User Meeting.


What happens if I miss the HMIS User Meeting?


Minutes for both the in person and webinar HMIS User Meetings and recordings of the webinars are posted on our website.

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