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Logging In To Clarity For The First Time
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This article will reflect on steps to take for first-time Clarity users.



Step 1: Click here to go to the Clarity Log In screen.


Step 2: Click the Forgot Password? link under the Sign In button.


Step 3: Enter the email address that your Agency Administrator provided to 211OC to set up your HMIS account, this should be your work email address.

Step 4: Click the Captcha checkbox.

Step 5: Click the Reset Password button.


You will receive the following system message:





Step 6: Click on the Reset Your Password button in the email you receive (the sender will be Bitfocus which is the name of the company that created Clarity).



Step 7: Fill out the Password and Confirm Password fields.

Step 8: Click Save

Step 9: Go back to the Clarity login screen to log in to your Clarity account.


NOTE: A password must meet the following criteria:

  • Password must be 8 characters or longer
  • Password must contain at least one uppercase character (A through Z)
  • Password must contain at least one lowercase characters (a through z)
  • Password must contain at least one number (0 through 9)
  • Password must contain at least one non alphanumeric characters (such as !,$,#,%)
  • Password must not contain spaces
  • Password cannot be the same as the three (3) prior passwords used for the login account
  • Password cannot contain the name of your Clarity instance
  • Password cannot contain the word 'clarity'
  • Password cannot contain the user's First Name, Last Name or Username
  • Password cannot contain 'ABC' or '123'
  • Password cannot contain more than two (2) consecutive characters


If you are still unable to access HMIS, please review the Troubleshooting Logging into HMIS article for tips.

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