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Merging Individual Enrollments into a Group
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Clients who are part of a household/ family should be enrolled into programs as a group with other members of their household. This is accomplished during the enrollment process, by selecting household members on the Include group members section of the Program page (see How to add an additional household member to a project). If household members are not included during this step, but rather enrolled separately, the system will read each member as active in the program, but they will show as individual rather than group enrollments. In order for the clients to show as up as being a part of a  family, or group, 2-1-1OC HMIS staff must merge the individual enrollments into one group enrollment.



Submit a ticket to the HMIS Help Desk requesting the enrollments be merged

  • In the ticket, provide:

    • The identifier of the Head of Household (HoH)
    • The identifiers of family members to be merged with the HoH's enrollment
    • The name of the project, and if there are multiple enrollments in the same project, the Project Start Date
  • After receiving confirmation of the merge, review the household relation statuses of the members and assign roles to members (see How to Edit Relation Status)


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