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Troubleshooting Logging into HMIS
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If you have followed all the steps in Logging In To Clarity For The First Time and still cannot log into Clarity we have provide some tips that may resolve the log in issues. 


Tip #1 Accessing the Clarity Live Site

Please make sure that you are accessing the live Clarity website. We have two websites for Clarity, the training site which contains fictitious client information and the live site that contains valid client data. As you can see below the websites are similar in name.

Tip #2 Password Reset Link Not Working

If the link from the password reset email is not working and you get a password reset token error, you may have missed the time limit for the link. The password reset link is only valid for 60 minutes. If the email was caught in your spam filter or you ignored the email to set up your account later in the day the link will not work. You will need to request another password reset e-mail. 

Tip #3 Disabled due to Inactivity

If you receive an error that your account has been disabled due to inactivity, or if you receive the email below, your HMIS account has been deactivated. This will occur if you have not logged into HMIS for 60 days, or if your account was reactivated and you did not log in within 24 hours. If you have not logged into HMIS within 60 days you will need to complete the required HMIS Trainings to gain access to HMIS. If you account was reactivated and you did not log in within 24 hours, please ask your Agency Administrator to submit a ticket to reactivate your account.

Tip #4 No Password Reset Email

If you did not receive a password reset email there are several things you can do. Check your spam filter or your junk folder to see if the email was caught as spam. If you don't receive the email after 10 minutes then it is possible that the email is being caught in a different way by your network. Contact your IT team with the following information so they can investigate the settings on the network. Please supply them with the link to this article so they can investigate why the email is not being delivered. 


The following information is contained in the password reset email. The hyperlink for the password reset is not valid and has been provided so your IT team can see the link that is generated by the system. 


From: Orange County Clarity System <[email protected]>
Subject : Reset Password


Hello ***** ******.

You recently requested to reset your password for your Clarity Human Services account. Click the button below to reset it.

Reset your password

If you did not request a password reset, please ignore this email or contact support to let us know. This password reset is only valid for the next 60 minutes.

Clarity Human Services.


P.S. We also love hearing from you and helping you with any issue you have. Please contact support if you want to ask a question or say hi.


Your password reset request was made from the IP address ***.***.***.**.

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