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Creating a Help Desk Account
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Agency Administrators now have the option to create an account with our help desk software (HappyFox) in order to submit, respond to, and track HMIS Help Desk tickets over the HappyFox interface instead of email.


Creating a Help Desk Account

Follow these instructions to learn how to create your HappyFox help desk account.


Step 1: Click here and register using your work email address.



Step 2: Once you have registered you will receive a confirmation email, please click the link provided to confirm your account. Once your account has been confirmed you can log in to your account here.


When you log in to your account you will automatically be taken to the OC HMIS Knowledge Base. Use the search bar in the Knowledge Base by typing in a few key words related to your question or issue to see if a Knowledge Base article might help solve your problem. If no Knowledge Base article that can solve your problem exists, click the highlighted Submit Ticket link at the top right of the screen:



You will be taken to the ticket submission screen which contains a form with all of the same information as the ticket submission screen used previously.


To create a ticket you will need to fill out the following information:


  • Category: This can be related to any of the following. 
    • HIC - PIT
    • HMIS - Data Request
    • HMIS - Pages
    • HMIS - Reports (Including repository exports and corrections)
    • HMIS - Setup
    • HMIS - Users and Trainings
  • Subject: The topic of which your message is about.
  • Message: Enter your question or issue here.
  • Attach a file (optional): It is helpful to know what users are seeing on their screen, so the HMIS team could attempt to recreate the issue on their end. 
  • Full Name: Your name
  • Email: Your agency work email
  • Phone: The best number to reach you
  • Agency: The name of the agency you work with



Click Create Ticket to submit the request. 


Once you have created a ticket, you can see them all under the My Tickets tab. PLEASE NOTE: Old tickets will not be migrated to your new HappyFox account. You will only see tickets on this page that you have submitted AFTER you have created your account.


The functionalities of the My Tickets tab are as follows:


Click on the subject line of the ticket to open the ticket.



To respond to an existing ticket, open the ticket and click Reply in the lower left hand side of your screen



A small screen will pop up in the ticket which will allow you to add a response. 



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