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Deleting Program Enrollment
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Deleting Program Enrollment
In some cases, a client may have duplicate enrollments due to a client profile merge or data entry error. The user will need to reach out to their Agency Administrator to assist with deleting the duplicate program enrollment. Please keep in mind that only Agency Administrators have access to the Delete option. Please review the following information below to learn how to do this. 

Program Move
In other cases, a client may have been enrolled into the wrong program and will need to be move to the correct program under the same agency. Keep in mind that if a client was served under one program and will be transferring to another program to continue services, the client would have two separate enrollments to track their program history. This sometimes occur due to funding changes, one program may close and the client needs to be transfer to a program to continue receive services. 

The program move will transfer over data from one program to the next. The Agency Administrators will to submit a HMIS Helpdesk Support Ticket to request for a program move. 


Deleting Program Enrollment

Step 1: Search the client record, and select the Program tab


Step 2: Once on the Program tab, scroll to the Program History section, you should see the program(s) the client is enrolled in



Step 3: Hover your mouse next to the Program name of the one you wish to delete, you should see a Trash Can and Edit icon appear



Step 4: Select the Trash Can icon and Click OK on the pop-up window



The program enrollment should no longer be under the Program History Page



If you do not see the Trash Can icon next to an enrollment, it is most likely because the enrollment has services attached to it. You will need to unlink the services from the enrollment or delete the services from the History Tab, then delete the enrollment.  You can also view this video on how to delete the program enrollment with services attached.



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